Farmers & Experts

Visiting our farmers and learning from our experts is an integral part of Piers' journey to create Little Freddie

Location: Somerset, England

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Milk used in Greek-Style Yoghurt

The West of England is world famous for its milk. This farm is situated in the Mendip Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our farmer has been farming this piece of land for nearly 400 years. With rolling green hills and fields full of luscious organic grass, clover, rye and other tasty grasses, his diary herds produce delicious tasting milk full of good nutrients to nourish your baby.

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Location: Po Valley, Italy

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Baby Rice

Situated in the famous Po Valley in northern Italy, Gianmario's farm enjoys perfect conditions for growing rice. Gianmario is one of the pioneers in region and has farmed according to organic principles since the 1990s. To ensure his rice meets the stringent EU Organic Baby Food regulations, Gianmario irrigates his fields with fresh spring water from the nearby Apennine mountains.

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Location: Co. Donegal, Ireland

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Salmon

This stunning organic salmon farm is in a remote and unspoilt area on the rugged West coast of Ireland.

Everything is done to promote the natural development of healthy salmon: the fish swim in waters with strong currents and are given twice the space as conventionally-farmed salmon. The salmon are fed an organic diet, free from GMO and hormones. The result? Incredibly healthy fish, packed full of flavour and nutrition.

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Location: Campania, Italy

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Strawberries

The south of Italy is blessed with a huge amount of sunshine, so the organic strawberries grown here are especially juicy and ripe. For Little Freddie, we’ve chosen a lovely variety of strawberry with a very sweet flavour and intense colour.

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Location: Pembrokeshire, UK

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Beef

Owned by a fifth generation farmer whose family has cultivated it since the 1820s, this farm is set in rolling green hills on the rugged Atlantic coast of Wales. His herd of cows roam freely and eat fresh paddock grass – not grains. Organic standards strictly limit the use of antibiotics and medicines, so the beef is extremely tender and full of flavour. We only use whole cuts of lean organic beef for Little Freddie.

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Location: Registro, Brazil

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Bananas

We source organic bananas from a European certified organic farm in Brazil. Located deep in the Brazilian rainforest, the banana plantation is surrounded by impenetrable jungle and secluded from other plantations to avoid any cross-contamination. The perfect growing climate enables us to harvest bananas all year round for optimal freshness and taste.

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Location: Abruzzo, Italy

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Carrots

This 2nd generation family has been growing carrots for more than half a century in a stunning setting in the centre of Italy, alongside the Abruzzo National Park. Grown according to the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) on an ancient lake drained in Roman times, the sandy soil is ideal for growing carrots. The soil is so rich they don’t need to add any fertilizer. The carrots taste naturally sweet and creamy.

Location: Nottinghamshire, UK

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Broccoli and Parsnips

This award-winning organic farm is in the heart of England and run by a 3rd generation farmer. Wildlife corridors encourage the natural pollination of plants and vegetables, and a third of the land is left fallow to replenish itself naturally. It’s a very healthy ecosystem, bursting with wildlife; and it produces incredibly tasty, vitamin-rich organic vegetables.

Location: The Dolomites, Italy

Little Freddie ingredient: Organic Apples and Pears

The Dolomites region of the Alps in Italy is remarkable for its fresh air and pure mountain water and famous for its apple & pear orchards. Cold winter frosts and warm days make it the perfect environment to grow apples & pears with intense flavour and colour.

Our Nutrition Expert

Sylvia Lam
Msc (Nutrition & Dietetics);
BSc (Nutritional Sciences)

Sylvia loves nothing better than helping families to become healthy and happy. Sylvia works closely with us to develop every recipe in the Little Freddie Organic Baby Food range, to ensure the optimum level of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

​She has practiced dietetics for more than 15 years. Chairperson of the Hong Kong ​Dietitians​​ Association since 2007, Sylvia has a comprehensive and holistic approach to nutrition. The author of numerous nutrition and recipe books, Sylvia works hand-in-hand with Little Freddie to offer parents nutrition education and advice.

Sylvia says,

“My greatest happiness in over 15 years of professional practice has been helping parents, babies and young children improve their diet.
I believe firmly that organic fruits and vegetables play an essential role in children’s development. The Little Freddie range of organic products is important for young children growing up.”