Questions you care about

Do you
use preservatives?

No. Because we vacuum pack the specially designed pouches, no oxygen or bacteria can get into spoil the food. We gently destroy any natural bacteria and lock in nutrition – so we don’t need to use any preservatives to keep Little Freddie food fresh.

Why do you use pouches
and not jars?

We don’t use jars because jars of fruit & vegetables need sterilising at very high temperatures, which can destroy the vitamins and minerals in the food. Pouch contents are prepared at the appropriate temperatures to preserve their unique flavours, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, colours and aroma. Little Freddie pouches have a unique multi-layer construction to keep oxygen out. That means Little Freddie baby food always tastes fresh and delicious. We also prefer pouches because they’re lighter, safer and easier to carry with you.

Why don’t I have to keep the
pouches in the fridge?

We have removed any naturally occurring bacteria from our organic ingredients so they can’t spoil even when kept at room temperature. They’re totally safe for your baby and don’t need to be refrigerated.
Once opened, you must refrigerate the pouch and consume the contents within 24 hours.

Do your pouches
contain BPA?

No. None of our pouches contain BPA. Independent laboratories test the pouches on a regular basis to confirm they are BPA free.

Where are your
ingredients from?

All our ingredients come from EU-certified organic farms in Europe. We have searched far and wide to find the very best organic ingredients on the best farms.

Do you use genetically
modified (GM) ingredients?

No. We absolutely reject any kind of genetically modified organisms (GMO). The European Union Baby Food Standards and the EU Organic Standards prohibit our farmers from using GM ingredients.

Are all your
ingredients organic?

Yes. Every ingredient in every part of our supply chain, from seed to pouch, is EU certified organic.

Test your pouch

How it works… For total peace of mind, we give you direct access to the test results (from the independent experts, Geneius) for every batch of Little Freddie baby food. That means you can see all the good stuff that is in Little Freddie and find proof positive there isn’t anything nasty in there at all.

STEP 1. Scan QR code


STEP 2. Enter batch code


STEP 3. Redirect to test results on Geneius website


From the website

Simply click on the link below and it’ll take you directly to the website of our independent test specialist, Geneius. Just enter the batch number from your Little Freddie pouch and the test results will come up immediately.

Use your smartphone

You can even test your pouch while out-and-about using your Smartphone. Simply scan the QR code on the back of the pouch or pack to go straight to the Geneius site. Enter the batch number to see instant results of extensive, independent tests carried out on the batch of food you’re holding in your hand.